• Inferno! Presents: The Emperor’s Finest (PB) (GWBL3012)

Tales From the 41st Millennium

The elite warriors of the Imperium take on the toughest missions to protect humanity from horrors within, without, and beyond.


From the warrior orders of the Adeptus Astartes and Adepta Sororitas to the noble houses of Rogue Traders and Imperial Knights, the Imperium of Man has long been safeguarded by elite organisations that ensure the continued survival of the Emperor's vast domain.


This special volume of Inferno! contains twelve thrilling short stories showcasing incredible feats by the Emperor's finest warriors.


– Blighted Sun by Marc Collins

– Fidelis Ad Mortem by Jude Reid

– Cargo by Chris Wraight

– The Last Word by Phil Kelly

– In The Name of Victory by J S Collyer

– Recriminant by R S Wilt

– Reconsecration by Amanda Bridgeman

– Knife's Edge by Breanna Teintze

– Suffer Not a Human to Live by Gavin G Smith

– Wings of Faith by Victoria Hayward

– Blood Legacy by J C Stearns

– Song of the Mother by Boman Modine

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Inferno! Presents: The Emperor’s Finest (PB) (GWBL3012)

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